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Metropolis Partners
About Us
About Us

With over 20 years of experience in financing, investment and asset management of real property, Metropolis Partners Inc. and our affiliate, Alden Realty Management collectively provide comprehensive real estate solutions to our long term private clients.


Metropolis Partners currently invests directly in or acts as advisor through joint venture relationships in value added specialty industrial and R&D office projects, with a current geographic focus in California and New England. Through our affiliate Metropolis Ventures, we will also make private investments in equity and debt securities of companies with a strategic bias to our core business.


While client capital preservation is our goal, we enjoy a long reputation of performance and honest deal making, and consider our firm’s integrity as its highest priority.

What We Do

What We Do

Metropolis Partners (“MPI”) offers capital access and financial structuring and management services to the real estate industry. MPI invests directly in and acts as advisor for value added real estate projects.


Client Focus

MPI has maintained its long term investor relationships due to its commitment toward preservation of capital. Throughout multiple real estate cycles MPI has dedicated itself solving complex issues which may threaten the value of an asset. These experiences are applied to every decision that we make on behalf of our clients. We don’t walk away from our obligations, we work through the issues.



Since its inception in 1998 MPI has cautiously directly invested in value added projects and consulted to its private client base to address real property issues. Its proven track record of performance, hard work and focus has allowed the firm to grow slowly and conservatively on the foundation of its loyal investor and client base.



MPI has provided significant out-performance due to its conservative long term approach to investment and advisory. Because of our small scope, we do not take a portfolio approach to our return expectations and analyze each deal on a stand alone total return basis.

Related Entities
Related Entities
Alden Realty Management

Alden Realty Management, LLC provides property and asset management services for its own accounts and on a third party basis.


Our services include:

    Leasing Consulting and Negotiations

    Acquisition Analyses

    Property Management

    Construction Management

    Monthly and Annual Financial Reporting

    Partnership Compliance & Oversight

Metropolis Capital

Metropolis Capital LLC is an affiliate of Metropolis Partners and operates as an independent San Francisco-based private equity firm focused on managing and growing portfolios of physical assets as well as select special situations opportunities.  It has investments in equipment leasing, lending, infrastructure development and non-traditional real estate.

Metropolis Ventures

Metropolis Ventures LLC has directly invested in or acted as manager to the investment vehicle that has invested in the following private early stage companies since May 2000.

Current Projects
Contact Us

Contact Us

101 A Clay Street

Suite 102

San Francisco CA 94111

(415) 591-0800

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