Metropolis Ventures, LLC

Metropolis Ventures has directly invested in or acted as manager to the investment vehicle that has invested in the following private early stage companies since May 2000.

BrightSky Labs

10 is the first product of BrightSky Labs, Inc. 10 enables consumers to share their passions through the best parts of videos from their wearable and deployable cameras, starting with their GoPros - right in the moment, right from their smartphone.

Early Stage Investment – Convertible Notes


Ionetix Corporation is engaged in the development, manufacturing and distribution of a novel class of superconductng cyclotrons for the point-of-care production of PET radioisotopes. With their significantly smaller size, lighter weight, lower power requirement and lower price point, these systems offer significant advantages over conventional-design cyclotron technology.

Early Stage Investment – Convertible Notes

Wylan Energy

Wylan Energy makes energy efficiency more affordable. Wylan runs rebate and subsidy programs in select jurisdictions to enable everyday consumers to go green, less expensively.

Early Stage Investment in an investment partnership.

ETEX Corporation

ETEX Corporation develops and manufactures nanocrystalline calcium-phosphate-based biomaterials that promote the repair and regeneration of bone damaged by trauma or disease.

Early Stage Investment - Series D Financing; Etex was acquired on October 1, 2014 by Zimmer Holdings, Inc. (NYSE “ZMH”).



Starting with microalgae, the world’s original oil producer, Solazyme creates new, sustainable, high-performance products. These include renewable oils and powerhouse ingredients that serve as the foundation for healthier foods; better home, personal care and industrial products; and more sustainable fuels.

Early Stage Investment - Series C & D Financing; Solazyme completed its IPO in May 2011.


Calypso Medical Technologies, Inc. is a medical device company dedicated to improving the delivery of targeted cancer therapies. Calypso’s commitment is to solve the problems associated with the organ motion during radiation treatment by developing technology that provides accurate, objective and continuous knowledge of the treatment site during radiation therapy.

Early Stage Investment – Series B, C & D Financing; Calypso acquired by Varian Medical Systems.

Initiate Systems

Initiate Systems is a leading provider of customer-centric master data management and Enterprise Master Person Index (EMPI) software and services for the on-demand enterprises. Clients include IBM, Microsoft, and Choice Hotels.

Early Stage investment – Series C&E Financing; Initiate Systems acquired by IBM.


Pharmion is a global biotech company that is dedicated to the hematology and oncology communities. Pharmion works in partnership with a network of scientific and clinical advisors.

Early Stage Investment - Pharmion completed its IPO in November 2003.


Futuretrade provides a fully integrated electronic trading platform for institutional traders. The company's innovative platform helps institutional traders and hedge fund managers analyze, execute and manage positions in U.S. equities with speed and efficiency.

Early Stage Investment – Series A,B,C & D Financings; Futuretrade acquired by Interactive Brokers Group.


Syntonix is developing next generation biopharmaceuticals that enable better treatment options for patients with devastating chronic diseases such as hemophilia, anemia, multiple sclerosis, and autoimmune disorders.

Early Stage Investment - Series A Financing.; Syntonix sold to management.


Since its inception in 1996, Venetec International has rapidly emerged as the world leader in catheter securement technology. Nearly a dozen distinct, proprietary StatLock product families now establish the international standard in catheter securement.

Early Stage Investment – Multiple Series; Venetec acquired by C.R. Bard (BCR.)


As a distributor of games solutions, iWin aggregates HTML5 and PC downloadable games from over 500 developers worldwide and distributes that content across a wide network of owned and operated sites and third party partner sites.

Early Stage Investment - Series B & C Financing; iWin acquired by Vivendi Universal.

Spectrum Industrial

Spectrum Industrial is America's largest recycler of offset inks for commercial and newspaper printers. Production facilities in Minnesota and California provide high quality recycled ink. Spectrum Industrial has an extensive client list, including some of the largest commercial printers in the United States.

Early Stage Investment - Series A Financing; Spectrum Industrial sold to management.


Vintara is the leading provider of Web-based enterprise process management systems and services. Vintara has a proven track record of helping the enterprise successfully prepare for and cost-effectively maintain compliance with a range of domestic and internationally recognized process standards.

Early Stage Investment – Series A Financing; Vintara sold to management.

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